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3 Top Ways to Quickly Find Dates on Muslim Dating Sites

If you’re looking to meet like-minded single Muslims, but you don’t really have a lot of time to do it, we’ve a few suggestions to help you out. Searching through thousands of profiles is a slow old game, and sending out hundreds of messages can take a lot of time and effort. So, let’s press fast forward! Here are our top 3 tips for quickly finding dates on Muslim dating sites…


1: Personal messages

When it comes to messaging, quality (rather than quantity) counts. It can be tempting to write a standard message and send it to everyone who floats your proverbial boat, but this may not be the best tactic. Everyone wants to be treated as an individual, and a generic message really does stand out as impersonal. Instead of sending dozens, or hundreds, of generic messages and hoping the recipients bite, try researching them a little and writing a personal message which will connect with them. A generic message may not only reduce the likelihood of receiving a reply, but it might also ruin your chances with that member in the future (especially if you’ve forgotten who you’ve sent the message to and accidentally send it to them again!)


2: Limited distance searches

It’s relatively safe to assume that most people want to date locally. They have family, friends, jobs and other commitments which mean that a lot of people don’t want to travel too far for a potential relationship. As such, excluding long-distance relationships may be one way of getting dates more quickly. Just think of the logistics: local members only need to take a quick journey to see you and make up their mind, whereas members far away need to plan a long journey (potentially even including trains or planes). By reducing your area of interest, you can find local members more easily, and go on dates in no time.


3: Complete your profile and add photos

If you’ve spent a lot of time looking through profile pages and performing searches, it might be worth sitting back and allowing members to approach you instead. Most Muslim dating websites will use your profile information to help find you when members perform a search. They may even use your information to match you to other members. Therefore, completing your profile page is really important, not only because it tells others about you as a person, but also because it helps them to locate you in the first place. In addition, adding photos to your profile will help you to stand out, especially if members search specifically for members “with photos” (as their results will exclude anyone who doesn’t have a profile picture).


The lowdown…

We feel it’s a good idea to take a personal approach to dating. Individualize your messages to members, so they feel special! If you’re not looking for a long-distance relationship, try to narrow down your search and just look for locals. That way, you can quickly chat and meet up without planning big journeys. Finally, make sure you’ve completed your profile and (if you feel comfortable doing so) add a few photos. This means you will appear in search results more often. With all of those tips in place, we’re sure you’ll find your ideal date in no time!

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