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5 Top Tips for Choosing Your Ideal Muslim Dating Website

If you’re single, a Muslim, and looking for a date, there are a lot of great Muslim dating websites to choose from. They offer you searching tools to find your ideal partner, communication tools to chat to them, and a wide range of other features to help you decide whether or not to meet up. But with so much choice, it may be hard to decide which dating site to choose. So, we’ve a few top tips to help you choose your perfect Muslim dating site…


1: Location

Some Muslim dating sites focus on particular areas, or are especially useful if you live in a specific country. For example, you might find a site which is designed for finding Muslim dates in Iran, or you might discover that another site has a lot of members and local events in New York. We recommend signing up to a few sites and performing a search for members in your area. This will give you a good idea as to how many potential dates are out there. Generally speaking, Muslim dating sites which don’t name a specific location, tend to be of use to people from around the world, although they might be more popular in certain locations than others.


2: Religion

As with any religion, some Muslims are more devout that others. People interpret Islam differently, they live their lives by different codes of conduct, have different aspirations and personal views. This can be important when considering which Muslim dating site you wish to join, as they can take quite different stances on religious issues. One site might be quite laid back, whilst another may have very strict rules about what you can or cannot do (sometimes in line with religious values, sometimes not). Before signing up to a site, try to explore it a little – particularly its FAQ and rules pages – to work out whether you think the site and its members will fit in with your personal approach to your faith.


3: Relationship-type

A good number of Muslim dating sites will take marriage very seriously. In fact, several sites are primarily designed to help Muslim men and women meet, with the view to getting married. You can find sites which allow parents to be involved, which discuss the ins and outs of marriage arrangements, and so on. If this is what you want, you may wish to look for a Muslim matrimonial site. Alternatively, if you’re in no hurry to get married, you may want to avoid sites which focus on marriage, as the members on non-marriage sites might be more inclined to date and explore their options. It’s always useful to have a think about what sort of relationship you are looking for in the short term and long term, and even to be quite specific about this on your profile page.


4: Features you’ll use

There are a wide variety of features available to you on Muslim dating sites. If you’d like to join in forum discussions, you can. If you’d like to share photos, you can. You may even find events planned in your area, meet-up groups, religious documents and discussions, and much more. In particular, it’s important to consider how you want to communicate with potential dates and partners. If you’re happy to send private messages, like emails, then this is a common feature on dating sites. However, you might also be able to chat using your web cam, allowing you to see and hear each other, which can be a great way of helping you to decide whether or not you’d like to meet up in person. Have a look around and check out the features that are on offer, before you decide to spend any money.


5: Perform a search

One of the best things to do, prior to paying for a Muslim dating site membership package, is to perform a few advanced searches. An advanced search tool should allow you plenty of specific options to find your ideal partner, from physical features (hair color, eye color, height, maybe even preferred fashions) to lifestyle options (religious views, hobbies, interests). The more options, the better, particularly if your search results are showing you plenty of results. This can really help you to narrow in on your perfect date or partner. Don’t forget to perform a few different searches with different preferences, just in case your preferences alter slightly in the future!


The lowdown…

Muslim dating websites have so much to offer, but it’s a good idea to check out your options before spending money. Choose a site with plenty of members near you, check out the religious values of the site and its members, consider what kind of relationship you’re looking for, and explore the site’s search features and other tools to help make your decision. Good luck!

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