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5 Ways to Get More Attention on Muslim Dating Sites

With thousands, or even millions, of members, Muslim dating sites are a hive of fun for single Muslims. But the problem with so much choice, is that it can be hard to stand out amongst the crowd. If you’ve joined a Muslim dating site, or you’re thinking of joining one, and want to make sure you get noticed, read on. We’ve 5 top tips for getting more attention when using a Muslim dating website…


1: Profile upgrades

One simple, but sometimes costly, way of getting instant attention on a dating site, is to upgrade your account. Sometimes upgrading comes with bonus features and other perks, including “profile highlighting”. This essentially means that you’ll come out near the top of other members’ search results, rather than being lost in the maelstrom. You might also be able to pay a fee to have your profile shot to the top of search results, without needing to upgrade to a premium account. Check your options!


2: Video greeting

Some Muslim dating sites allow you to upload media, such as videos and video greetings. A video greeting is recorded on your microphone and web cam, and acts as a welcome message to anyone who visits your profile page. It’s a personal, engaging way of making sure members remember you, and that they stay on your page longer (therefore becoming more likely to read some of the information on your profile).


3: Be online

Dating sites with lots of members, often also have lots of unused profiles. Some members, therefore, search for people who are currently online. If you log in to your dating site (maybe even using a mobile app) and leave it connected, you’ll appear in the search results of anyone who’s looking for online members. Logging in regularly is also a good idea, because it means you’ll not be considered inactive. Inactive accounts should routinely be evaluated and deleted by the site’s admin team, to help prevent too much of a build up.


4: Use forums and chat rooms

Forums allow you to talk to multiple members at once, on a wide range of topics. If you post in forums and chat rooms, people could be more inclined to investigate your profile (as they may have been interested in what you said in your forum posts). Also, forums are a great way to meet members based on your mutual interests, without the stress of having to talk about dating. From there, maybe some sparks will fly and you can send a private message.

5: Talk faith

Whilst it’s not always the case, many people join a Muslim dating site because their faith is important to them. As such, they may wish to talk about their faith and its role in their life, as well as how their faith might be important to any future relationships. It makes sense, then, that your faith could be a useful topic of conversation when deciding who to date. Mentioning your religious beliefs and practices on your profile page, can also be a good way of attracting like-minded members, especially because some sites allow you to search for members based on their religious beliefs.


The lowdown…

There are several ways to stand out from the crowd on a busy Muslim dating website. Upgrading your account is often beneficial, but you can also make sure your profile is completed and add media (such as video greetings, if available). Making sure you’re online and available to chat is another good way of grabbing attention, and public spaces such as forums are brilliant for talking to multiple members at once. Finally, if your faith is important to you then it’s worth mentioning this – it could attract like-minded single members and encourage them to get in touch with you.

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