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5 Ways to Improve Your Search Results on Muslim Dating Sites

Finding a date, even online, isn’t always easy. With so many single members, how can you best find your ideal date or partner on a Muslim dating site? Don’t worry, we’ve the knowhow to help you along. So, here are 5 of the best ways to improve your search results when looking for dates on Muslim dating websites…


1: Explore advanced search features

Quite a few people – particularly if they’re new to online dating – neglect to perform advanced searches. Take a look at your search tool and you should see “advanced search” listed as an option. This will provide you with many more options and preferences to search for, helping you to pinpoint your ideal dates.


2: Faith searches

Some Muslim dating websites offer in-depth searches based on faith. It could be as simple as choosing from a list of Islamic sub-groups, or you might be able to locate dates based on their specific beliefs or views on religion and life. You may even find members based on their astrological sign, whether they have been on a pilgrimage, and more.


3: Photos

You can specifically search for members who have uploaded photos and/or videos. This will weed out anyone who hasn’t uploaded media to their account, so you can take a look at how they appear on camera. Alternatively, you might decide to search for people without photos, who often receive less attention and may appreciate a message from you.


4: Complete your profile

Many Muslim dating sites will use your profile information to match you to other members. In addition, sites use your data to make sure you appear in search results. If you don’t complete your profile, this information is missing, so you won’t be listed in certain results or matched to other members accurately. So, finishing your profile is really important – don’t forget to do it!


5: Relationship-type searches

If you’re looking for marriage, or you know that you want to build a family, or you’re not looking for anything too serious just yet, you should try refining your results based on the kind of relationship you want. You’ll find like-minded members on all sites, and it helps to avoid false relationship expectations. If you’re set on marriage, and relatively soon, you may wish to try a Muslim matrimonial site which helps you to meet people who wish to marry.


The lowdown…

With a few tricks up your sleeve, you can really improve your search results and – all going well – find your perfect partner in no time. First, make sure you complete your profile. This will help other members to locate you. Next, upload a few photos (if you feel comfortable doing so). Then, you’re ready to search. Try the site’s advanced search options and be specific about the person you hope to meet, and the kind of relationship you’re looking for. If faith is important to you, make this obvious on your profile page, and include it in your searches. With these suggestions, we’re sure you’ll find an ideal date in no time!

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