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Scammed in large amount of money- single muslims
21 February 2023
Reviewer: Mosho from UK

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I was scammed by Single Muslims marriage web in a large amount of money, a Syrian living in UN camp in Turkey. Such good deed to do, get married and help vulnerable person, that was the trick I got fooled into.
I reported to SM and to action fraud and even my local bank branch, none of them take any steps to get the money back, the scam profile was taking of the web, I found the scam profile taking a different name, I reported it, then I learned how to spot on such scams profiles I found few of them taking the same technique. I got disappointed and I went into severe depression and I did not log into the site since, lately I tried to log in but I couldn’t, I emailed the customer service and I was told the profile was suspended due to its containment of personal information which was a big fat lie, I requested proof or copy of such claim, and I got a different message containing the log in details which I tried to use and know it by heart, I asked about the scam report the answer was there were no report of any scam. That was the reason to suspend my profile, they wanted to get rid of my messages which about reporting the scam. I asked for the web/business registration details, but they seized to response.
I believe they are on scam activities or providing information to any public authority that could be used to scam vulnerable people.
My advice do not supply any personal information or passport copy or photos. It could be used to victimize another person, and no one knows what is behind the screen. It is common practice for all dating/marriage to use faked profiles it is a business at the end of the day.
Don’t get fooled by messages start with peace be upon you/Jazak Allah kher and such stuff, a lot of scammers learned how to speak like a decent muslim
The public authority won’t take a step that is my reason that they could be or any of them targeting vulnerable people. I still have the copy of my correspondence with customer service if anyone needs it to blow the whistle for public attention in order to prevent such victimization, online theft of identities/scam any further. They are scammers.

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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