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25 October 2017
Reviewer: Sarah from Washington DC

147 of 202 people found this review helpful

Most of the responses I got were from foreigners who were not interested in me as much as they were becoming US citizens. There are few if any economic opportunities in the regions the foreigners who contacted me were from. One other, very scary thing I discovered when looking at the facebook accounts of the friends of the Algerian man I was interested in was human trafficing. I saw what looked like 12 year olds dressed up like prostitutes with much older men (and only men) liking their photos as well as evidence of organ trafficing. PLEASE, MEN AND WOMEN, DO NOT GO TO MEET SOMEONE IN AFRICA OR THE MIDDLE EAST WHO YOU HAVE ONLY MET THROUGH THE INTERNET. IT COULD COST YOU YOUR LIFE!!!

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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90% Members is a fake account with duplicate photo and name
29 May 2017
Reviewer: Saxjazz from Morocco

64 of 114 people found this review helpful

I have 2 times experiences with muslima dating site. one in 2011 and the second is in 2016.

the similarity for this 2 different time of joining is they are very persistence by making fake accounts with same profile photos but with different names and coming from different cities.

after report it to the admin of the site, they will remove both of it but the funny things is this duplicate profile photos with different names and cities keep coming back again and again. it's like the owner of muslima site is the one who makes these duplicates account in order to make their members become thousands of people to attract singles to join their websites.

the second similarity of these 2 times joining muslima is i joined also as platinum member and make me found out that there are many scammers who just want to play with your heart and take your money.

the different of joining in 2011 and 2016, which make me really dissapointed and feel really disgusting is the fact that as platinum member, in 2016 as paid member, we can not search other paid member (gold or platinum member) which makes me realized that muslima admin don't... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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Fake accounts and bad customer service
18 February 2016
Reviewer: Muslima from Florida, USA

158 of 295 people found this review helpful

I had the worst experience of my life, I met this liar who turned out to be a complete liar. Married, living with his wife and two kids and having a fake account stating he is single, younger than his original age, don't have kids ... every single thing in his profile was a lie and I provided all the info to muslim team and they did NOTHING simply because he is a platinum member. The proof I provided was pictures of the guy with his family and his Facebook account where it clearly show he is lying. Team muslim asked me to provide a written proof by him stating he is just playing and not serious?! How stupid is that? who would say in writing that they are signing up to play????
I would never recommend this website or ever be sign up in it.

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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01 September 2014
Reviewer: Misliman from Morocco

170 of 312 people found this review helpful

This site was great for a few weeks. Easy to use..loads of members, nice layout, phone app....wonderful. Sadly most women don't have a photo. Highly annoying to get talking to someone and later find you don't find them attractive. However that's least of my troubles. I got not one but TWO stalkers with false accounts and later my account was hacked. I contacted administrators and they did nothing. This site is full of fakes and hackers and wouldn't ever use it again.

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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Muslima.com is a scam, they took my money
24 May 2014
Reviewer: Amina from Miami, Florida USA

198 of 382 people found this review helpful

Muslima user image
Okay so I've signed up a few times for Muslima.com and everything goes good for about 4 hours, then when I'm having a great conversation with someone, my account will randomly get "terminated" .

Honestly this website is a waste of time, it has good features but what is the point of using it if you can't even finish your conversation with the people you were getting to know.

I blame the site administers, they do a terrible time of keeping customers .

I was really enjoying my time on muslima. Com until they randomly decide to terminate my account, I write to the help/support and they never reply back. So imagine how frustrating it is, to take the time , create a account (which takes 20 minutes). To fill out all the info, ECt.

Then on top of that it takes time to get to know the people, and while I'm talking to someone my account no longer works.


Don't spend your money, because they will terminate your account for no reason.

This is the second time this has happened to me.

The first time I purchased a account on the site, it... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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Best Website for marriage
29 January 2014
Reviewer: Lebanese Guy from Lebanon

160 of 325 people found this review helpful

Muslima.com is the best website ever for marriage really it is very helpful and there are a lot of opportunities to find your soul mate in few days...There are many girls from every country...

In the other hand there is a bad point , there are a lot of accounts that don't have a profile pictures...In order to make this website develop & grow up through time...These accounts must be deleted and nobody is allowed to register if she/he doesn't put pictures of her/him self...

To make sure that the pictures are related to the person the IT team of muslima.com must ask to open webcam at the first stage of registration Only. Here IT compares the person on webcam and the pictures that she/he will upload.If the result was positive the account will be created...I think if we follow this step muslima.com will reach 10 millions of users in 1 month because this website is for serious marriage not anything else...

Who agrees with my suggestion???!!!!!!!... Thank you any way

In summary, I would recommend Muslima to a friend.

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Too many scammers
11 August 2013
Reviewer: Muslim Guy from Canada

178 of 371 people found this review helpful

I've been a paid member for about a month. Although there are many genuine profiles, there are also lots of professional (and not so professional) scammers on the site. If you report the scammers, the site administrators generally do a good job of removing their fake profiles. But it just gets tiring and annoying having to spend time on weeding them out.

The other thing is that even though you clearly state on your profile what you're looking for, you also get a lot of unwanted interest. Between the unwanted interest and scammers, it just isn't worth the money and especially all the time you end up spending.

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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Don't wate your precious time/money
25 May 2013
Reviewer: Singleusa from Los Angeles, CA, USA

212 of 392 people found this review helpful

I was a paid member for one month but there really isn't a benefit if you are a paid member or not from girl's perspective. Even though my profile clearly stated I was looking for individuals from USA,once you are a paid member you start getting interest from all non paid members all over the world... When it's already hard keeping in touch with someone in another state imagine another country. Once I became a non paid member you still get messages but you can't read them because you and the other person are both free members, so someone needs to upgrade. Also you get a lot of guys who are uneducated and others who are constantly looking at your profile but are perverts and have one thing in mind only. You also come across losers who want to skype and want to see you to obsess about your curves, seriously where are all the decent, educated, marriage minded, down to earth individuals from USA? One thing I have to admit, I have not come across any scammers on Muslima.com vs shaadi.com/singlemuslim.com
Sometimes you message a user who's been inactive for a few days, then they return but never even read... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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My Experience with Muslima.com
07 April 2013
Reviewer: TetoTak from Jordan

209 of 376 people found this review helpful

I've registered with Muslima.com for one month.
At first, The site is not a scam, they have many genuine profiles and the site can be trusted.
The site contains professional scammers like any other site in the internet, but I would say the percentage is not that high, and the scammers has to work hard to fool anyone.
Once you buy a package you get access to communicate with anyone 100% satisfaction.

Now, the important thing, can you find your couple over there? Well, with online dating on average you get better chances. unfortunately in my case this didn't happen, where I couldn't find the right girl for me, one of reasons that the number of active profiles is very low.
Technically, the site is full bugs and quite embarrassing bugs, it happens many times that I navigate other user mails, or landing into other user home page, this actually prevented me to try the site again. I have emailed them with these bugs, and they couldn't find a good answer or were able to fix it.
Generally Speaking, if you don't have paypal account don't try to use ur credit card, because of the site IT team incompetency.

In summary, I would not recommend Muslima to a friend.

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