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Awful, interfering administrators, nightmare to find anybody
12 October 2013
Reviewer: Umar from UK

128 of 241 people found this review helpful

The point of a matrimonial website is to meet your potential partner. The website is supposed to be a nothing more than a platform on which you meet other Muslims who you may have something in common with. A fee is paid with this in mind. It is not paid for administrators to moderate your communications with other members like teachers overseeing a classroom.

The trouble with this website is not really the members. It is the administrators. They will ban you for no reason. No explanations are given whatsoever. One day you will receive an email telling you that your profile has been removed for violating the terms and conditions of the website. It is entirely possible that the complaint is unwarranted. It is also possible that an official complaint was never made against you. No evidence of inappropriate communication is provided and no details are provided of the particular term or condition you have breached.

Many people have complained of the same thing. Reading the reviews of the website seem to suggest that the website is nothing more than a money-making scam. A quick check on Companies House reveals that the company has cash in the bank of... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Very bad site to join is single muslim
26 September 2013
Reviewer: Rayan Khan from United Kingdom

128 of 272 people found this review helpful


My profile I.d. was LionHeartedBeau....

Joined the site single muslim in July 2013, and in September 2013 Omar who also uses the alias of Ali who works as a customer service rep for the site based in Bradford has decided to suspend my account. So I call him up to ask about the issues regarding suspension he say's because we have had a complaint of in appropriate behaviour off the website, I go to him well show me the proof, send it over and we can take matters from there..... as well as that I also stated there has been no in appropriate behaviour from my part I assure you wether on the site or off the site.

He say's there is no proof and he is going to believe there word over mine.

So basically I pay for a years membership in advance, no refunds. I've asked for it to go towards zakaat no response. I've got mere two months out of it, 900 blocks, one meeting face to face, and numerous timewaster or tyre kickers. People are offended from rejection nowadays.

Website has given me nothing but grief, site personnel are money hungry, cant wait to delete individuals... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Rip off site
24 August 2013
Reviewer: Anouar from Orlando,florida

86 of 172 people found this review helpful

As you not a member beautiful girls try to get in touch with u but since u not a member you cant read their messages as you keep wondering why this beautiful girl keep messaging me you forced to buy a membership for a rip off price of $50 a month and guess what its a trap the beautiful girl stop messaging you and the fake profile created by the website is not there any more and let say you want to use what u paid for at list for that month and you wait until the last day to cancel your membership but its too late cause you have to give them a 28 days cancellation notice lol and they hit you with a $50 charge again. Stay away from this site, these peoples use islam to steal hard earned money from desperate single muslims like me and you. I was forced to cancel my credit card and get a new one.

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Surely a Scam!
08 August 2013
Reviewer: Sincere Brother from UK

137 of 255 people found this review helpful

You get messages from beautiful women which you cant read coz you are not a member.

Therefore you decide for membership.

Guess what? the beautiful girl no longer messages you back... SingleMuslim probably created a fake account with a picture of beautiful girl to lure you in paying of a subscription.

This happened to me twice now.

Stay away from Single Muslim don't blow you hard earned cash!

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Review by loveable treat (which was my i.d. on the website)
08 July 2013
Reviewer: Loveable Treat from United Kingdom

99 of 182 people found this review helpful

I joined Single Muslim Myself on the basis of finding a life time partner. I registered In September 2012. And after being overwhelmed with messages decided in October 2012 to obtain a membership package I opted for the 12months no discounts as they don't do discounts. ; ) I tried. As well as reading there very STRICT code of conduct.

When obtaining membership to my astonishment the individuals who had messaged me days earlier had either closed there accounts down or chose not to respond. Which made me come to the conclusion must of been generated by the Single Muslim Staff. I emailed but no response.

After using the site near enough to a year I've come across various individuals from picky individuals, not responding and absolutely fake profiles/individuals. I had reported individuals for there blatant behaviour but nothing had been done, nor did I receive a response. (customer service just don't care)

Now coming to July 2013 and not met a single individual in person... all of a sudden Single Muslim suspended my account, after a few questions via email to me decided to re open it... (no they didn't add the two day's I was suspended on to my... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Is this site cheating people?
19 June 2013
Reviewer: Md from Canada

82 of 162 people found this review helpful

Thank you very much, Brother

I was going to make the payment b/c I have received several emails from different woman. One person consistently sending me messages (3 total) the profile seems very good. I was thinking whether I should sign up for 1 months or 1 years. but I was very surprised seeing their payment options, they are saying automatically renew (whereas I am a paid member in Muslima a very good site). I really appreciate your feedback, I never go back to that site.

Thanks, Asslam Alaykum

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Waste of Time if you are Serious
25 May 2013
Reviewer: Anonymous Usa from USA

157 of 285 people found this review helpful

This site does give a Complimentary Gold Membership to females but I am not sure that's a good thing, when this site is filled with Fake profiles and lots of scammers. There are also lots of profiles that have been there for years, it even makes you wonder if they are working for singlemuslim.com
There are lots of views of your profile, but no one serious, perverts, individuals old enough to be your Dad or worthless scammers (Nigerian, Malaysian, etc), please use caution! These people have no shame, taking advantage of one's vulnerability to defraud you...
I know it's extremely hard to find marriage minded individuals since unfortunately our communities are not well organized to aid single males and females to find a marriage partner, but you are better off finding someone in Real world, through friends, family, etc
Stay away from Shaadi.com, Muslima.com, Naseeb.com, SingleMuslim.com

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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Contradicts Islam
24 May 2013
Reviewer: Aliah Khan from Albany, NY

148 of 280 people found this review helpful

I made a fake account on this site just to see people's profiles. I was just curious to their marketing strategies as it was sooooo fake and heavily acted on their videos. So I decided to make an account and see. As a girl, I had no idea they make guy pay. Funny thing I met a guy off there who actually was serious about marriage , but it didn't work because of personal problems so yea there is good and bad people on there. However, the site itself is a disgusting image to portraying Islam. I did write a success story and they changed up all the words and edited it so it fits their marketing. They basically never wrote what I originally wrote about me not being serious and was joking about making an account, which in my opinion would've helped market better because more people can relate to just joking and making fake profile and can actually find success, even tho I didn't and never really planned to.

If u see the videos, u see annoying couples all up on each other with fake smiles and played out scripts, even pics on the Website of couples with... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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10 May 2013
Reviewer: AGAINST GREED from Does it matter!!!!

135 of 251 people found this review helpful

There is nothing great about this site at all! IN FACT it is a pile of shit run by money greedy typical Asians! When are the Muslims going to actually start purifying their intentions?! Try I think it's called Half Our Deen...I haven't yet because the shitty singlemuslim.com has left me bitter towards cyberspace soul searching!!!!

The things I have encountered:

*Fake profiles (members messaging me then evaporating)

*Suspension of my account when a guy had been rude to me

*Some of the 'great' profiles have been on there for a while to fool you!

*The reason I've rated getting a date so high is because there are many tom dick and harrys on there that would happily meet up for a fling ASTAGHFIRULLAH!

*The person on the other side of the phone line (admin staff who I had to call after suspension) is rude and sounds like an old Asian man who sits there having fun all day on this site. He'd recognised my picture when I had re-activated, and seemed to notice the changes here and there - a bit strange considering the claims of thousands of profiles, not to mention freaky. I bet he's just a greasy unhappy man who sits... (Read the full review)

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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26 April 2013
Reviewer: That GIRL from AMER. Samoa

133 of 235 people found this review helpful

As a female looking to find marriage i have been through here and there.

when i came to the site first thing i check is its terms and conditions..NOT THERE or WORKING....

then i check to see if i could contact them...INFORMATION NOT THERE NOT WORKING


the editor of this site is probably a fake that gets ppl to visit site and controls traffic online here..... because this site should be one of the last on the list...

i will take my chances in the real world..

five stars for easing in people to take there money

In summary, I would not recommend Single Muslim to a friend.

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